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My soul's work. Do you ever feel like your energy is just stuck? Like every step you take is walking through thick mud? I know I have. Before finding my true path I spent 10 years of my life in the pop music industry before learning the lessons I needed to move into my true soul's path: Vibrational Healing. Now I have the honor of helping people who need to get the energy in their body moving in the most optimal ways, so they can live their best lives and be their best selves.


I've know my purpose since I was a child: to spread Love through music.

I finally know exactly how to do it. 

How can I help you? Email me to find out.

I use vibrational tools that I've had in my repertoire of instruments since I was a kid such as didgeridoo, drums, and shakers. I have been trained by world renowned sound healer Jonathan Goldman, and trained in Sedona & Costa Rica as well as offered sound journeys internationally! I use ancient techniques coupled with modern science such as binaural beats to entrain the brain waves to Delta, Theta or Alpha waves to release natural, calming chemicals while I move through your body to find and effectively remove energy blocks. Some claim it has similarities to Reiki, as it is energy work, yet I am using true vibration to clear the physical and energetic space. I have helped people heal such ailments as overwhelming menstrual cramps, anxiety, depression, knee and lower back pain, deep emotional upheaval and PTSD, as well as offering deep relaxation for your brain and body.  Give me a call or send an email now to get more information and a free consultation!

It will be my honor to serve you.

"I was surprised by my physical and mental responses to the sound. The first gong produced a physical sensation as if a layer of my skin were being pulled off of my body... but I equate it with a snake shedding it's skin. It was as if someone was doing me a favor by removing something I didn't need."
"Later, during the drumming, I began to have rapid-fire memories of things I have not thought about in twenty years or more, and yet the memories were as vivid as if I had just lived them. It was intense, and although the specific memories themselves were neither traumatic or particularly heavy in any way, I did feel a great release as if I could finally let go of something I had been holding onto without realizing it."
"An experience early on seemed as if someone was standing over me with a giant magnet and I could feel thousands of specks of 'dead matter' being pulled out of me... What an incredible form of Sound Therapy! I cannot recommend the experience enough."
—Marie, Cleveland, OH 
Then you started playing the didgeridoo and when you were over me I felt like you were pulling things out of me or like extracting something. Saw it funneled upwards. Then I just started crying. Like almost quietly sobbing crying with tears running down my face and that lasted until almost the end.
Client Stories
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