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"Later, during the drumming, I began to have rapid-fire memories of things I have not thought about in twenty years or more, and yet the memories were as vivid as if I had just lived them. It was intense, and although the specific memories themselves were neither traumatic or particularly heavy in any way, I did feel a great release as if I could finally let go of something I had been holding onto without realizing it."
Post Sound Treatment Testimonial

Post Sound Treatment Testimonial

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"I was surprised by my physical and mental responses to the sound. The first gong produced a physical sensation as if a layer of my skin were being pulled off of my body... but I equate it with a snake shedding it's skin. It was as if someone was doing me a favor by removing something I didn't need."
"Lauren is an exceptional teacher. My son is always looking for a reason to miss normal school, except on band days! He never wants to miss it."
"Watching my child learn a new language in reading music and watching her creative mind grow, along with her confidence in performing in front of others!"
"The band leader and sectional leaders are amazing! My kiddo went from knowing nothing about music to playing in no time."
"We love Miss Lauren!"
"An experience early on seemed as if someone was standing over me with a giant magnet and I could feel thousands of specks of 'dead matter' being pulled out of me... What an incredible form of Sound Therapy! I cannot recommend the experience enough."
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