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About Lauren Gale.

Lauren is a lifelong student of music. After twenty years as a professional musician, she discovered her passion for creating safe and transformative spaces through sound. Lauren makes music, teaches music, and practices sound healing modalities. 

Since her childhood, Lauren has been drawn to the healing qualities of vibration. She’s taught hundreds of students to find their creative voice through music, and offers individual and group lessons. And using powerful techniques and instruments, she has the honor of bringing relaxation and rejuvenation to clients worldwide. 

Spreading love through music.



Bachelor of Science, Music
University of Colorado Denver

Lauren has a degree in Music Industry Studies, with a focus in business. Her classes included music business, audio production, and performance, with an emphasis in guitar, voice, and hand percussion.


Corpus CallAwesome Music Education

Denver, CO

Lauren teaches before and after school concert band enrichment programs. Having developed her love for music playing saxophone in elementary school herself, she enjoys teaching beginning students and imparting that lifelong joy of music. Her program is named after the corpus callosum, the segment of the brain that allows the hemispheres to communicate effectively—a part of the brain developed by learning to play music. 


City Strings Guitar

Denver, CO

City Strings Guitar is an after school enrichment program that teaches guitar and ukulele to elementary and middle school students throughout Denver and surrounding areas.


Jen Korte

Denver, CO / St. Thomas, USVI

Jen Korte is an award-winning musician in Denver, Colorado. Lauren plays bass and sings backing vocals.


Littleton School of Music

Littleton, CO

Lauren has been teaching music for 15 years. She teaches many instruments, modalities, and music theory, with the focus on bringing joy to her students through the expression of music.


Cast Iron Queens

Denver, CO

Cast Iron Queens was an all-female Blues band based in Denver, Colorado. Led by nationally-acclaimed Blues singer Erica Brown, the band played festivals such as City Park Jazz.


SoulMonics™ Sound Healing Training with Three Trees

Sedona, AZ

Lauren completed two levels of sound healing training with Three Trees, a recognized sound healing practitioner, known for his SoulMonics™ sound healing modality.


Sound Healing Training with Wendy Strebe

San Jose, Costa Rica

Lauren traveled to Costa Rica for a three week intensive training to learn more about offering sound healing at retreats internationally.


Healing Sounds™ Training with Jonathan Goldman

Loveland, CO

Lauren spent nine days at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado at the 21st annual Healing Sounds™ training, led by world-renowned sound healing practitioners Jonathan and Andi Goldman. 


Tim Moon Music

Cleveland, OH

Tim Moon was a piano pop band similar to the band fun. Lauren played bass and sang backing vocals.


Brave Song Circle

Denver, CO

Brave Song Circle was a successful duo where Lauren honed her songwriting skills. She and Dustin Morris played multiple instruments including bass, guitar, drums, and keyboards while supporting each other's songs.


Monroe Monroe

Denver, CO

Monroe Monroe was a popular Denver-based band that won multiple awards, including earning top three 93.3 KTCL's Hometown for the Holidays. Lauren played bass guitar and sang backing vocals.


Speakeasy Tiger

Denver, CO

Speakeasy Tiger was a successful, nationally-touring electro pop band. The group played at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado and performed on Warped Tour (a national touring festival). Lauren co-wrote and recorded all songs, played bass guitar, and sang backing vocals.

Sound healing offers a state of deep relaxation that can entrain the brain into Alpha, Theta, or Delta waves. There is scientific evidence that sound can invoke a parasympathetic response of the nervous system, often referred to as "rest and digest." Using ancient and modern techniques, Lauren offers sound treatment that helps the body release calming chemicals, while vibrations are targeted towards energy blocks. 


Clients report similar states of rejuvenation as Reiki, yoga, and massage. Sound healing can offer relief for overwhelming menstrual cramps and PMS, knee and lower back pain, and unsettled nerves.

Experience Sound Healing

Experience Sound Healing

Experience Sound Healing
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What is Sound Healing? (3 mins)

What is Sound Healing? (3 mins)

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Experience : The Crystal Pyramid

Experience : The Crystal Pyramid

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Experience : Toning Disc & Chimes

Experience : Toning Disc & Chimes

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Experience : Ocean Drum & Tuning Forks

Experience : Ocean Drum & Tuning Forks

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Experience : Didgeridoo & Seed Pods

Experience : Didgeridoo & Seed Pods

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Experience : Tingsha

Experience : Tingsha

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Download free music from Lauren on Bandcamp.

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