What is Sound Healing?

What is Sound Healing?

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Spreading Love and healing through sound and music.

Sound Healing Journeys

During the 90 minute experience, you will hear a piece Lauren composed with the intention of healing as she moves over each person with ancient tools of healing including, but never limited to: didgeridoo, Native drum, cacao seed pods, singing bowls, brass toning disc, voice, guitar and piano. It is a deeply healing and relaxing experience. 

Individual Treatments
Combining binaural beats for brain entrainment and using ancient techniques of finding energy blockages deep within the body - Lauren's individual treatments increase dopamine and serotonin in the body as well creating a relaxing and healing experience. Make sure to drink a lot of water!
Original Music

Lauren composes music in many genres. Specializing in healing modalities, she creates meditation music, ecstatic dance, music for film and spoken word/hip hop. You can hear some of her works on the music page. She is constantly adding new music as she is called to by spirit. She is available to hire for music composition for film, documentaries, TV shows, and podcasts.

Owner and International Sound & Vibrational Healer
Lauren Gale


After spending a decade in the pop music industry, Lauren has stepped to a more authentic expression of her passion for sound. She's traveled internationally to study vibrational healing and brings the healing power of sound using ancient instruments back home in Denver, Colorado. She uses didgeridoo, tongue drum, hang drum, Native drum, chimes, brass toning disc, crystal and metal singing bowls, seed pods, guitar, voice and a plethora of ever-changing tools. She travels the world offering sound healing journeys and is grateful for every opportunity she gets to share her passion for healing sounds.

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